Further to the phenomenal popularity of The Kick Start Recovery Programme we are now proud to announce an even better, more comprehensive and greatly improved service.

The Pivotal Recovery Programme.

How it works

60 daily podcasts guide you through the 6 steps of recovery. And the interactive digital workbook provides the space to reflect on your journey and personalise the content to your individual situation.

Each podcast lasts 10-20 minutes and we recommend spending a further 30 minutes a day completing the tailored exercises in your workbook.

Based on over a decade’s research and therapeutic experience with thousands of men and women. Pivotal Recovery is not a sobriety course, but a recovery course. This will change your life, not just your habits. A serious, sex-positive, inclusive solution for problematic sexual behaviours.

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Listen to the daily podcast and learn why you have this problem and how to overcome it.


Use the interactive workbook and apply what you’ve heard to your individual circumstances.


Put the psychological, cognitive and behavioural strategies into action and move on with your life.

A plan that works.

The Kick Start Recovery Programme has been updated, revised and expanded to create the Pivotal Recovery course, making the same proven treatment strategies accessible in a powerful new format.

The first 30 days…

Understand how addiction and compulsivity hijacks our lives and learn how to take control and stop unwanted behaviours

The second 30 days…

Build on your success and shape a future where positive sexuality is part of a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Payment options to suit

As a not-for-profit, community interest company, our goal is to ensure recovery is affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. You can pay in one single instalment or spread the cost over 3 months.

£75.00 One off

One-off single payment

£30.00 x 3

Spread the cost over 3 monthly instalments.


About us

Not everyone is able to access the specialist expertise they need to beat sex and porn addiction. Location, cost and time commitments mean many aren’t able to benefit from vital psycho-educational interventions.

Renowned sex and relationship psychotherapist and author, Dr Paula Hall had a vision of making her core recovery treatments available to a wider audience for years…

…as a result, Pivotal Recovery CIC was founded as a not-for-profit community interest company dedicated to providing research-based, academically robust and tested low-cost recovery services for people struggling with pornography addiction, sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviours.

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