Welcome to the home of the UK’s FREE self help recovery resource for people struggling with sex or pornography addiction

The Kick Start Recovery Programme has been created to offer the many thousands of people who struggle with sex and pornography addiction with a reliable and tested self help solution. For some it will be a complete solution – for others it will ‘kick start’ a recovery journey that may continue with further reading, therapy and/or 12 step support. The programme is based on my many years of experience of treating sex addiction both as an individual psychotherapist and also through my Hall Recovery Course treatment groups that run in various locations around the UK.

The resource is packed with the latest information about sex addiction and lots of self help exercises including:

  • A self assessment tool to identify if your behaviour is an addiction
  • A questionnaire to learn about the cause of your problem
  • Resources for identifying your triggers and the reasons why you keep acting out
  • Exercises to challenge your thinking and motivate you to change
  • Tips and Techniques for stopping and staying stopped

From my professional experience, I know that some people can completely overcome their addiction, with minimal ‘expert’ help. If you’re motivated to stop and your addiction is either recent or relatively mild, then this programme may be all you need. However, if you’ve been struggling with sex addiction for many years and you suspect that your problem is deep rooted, what this programme will do for you is highlight the areas where you need to get additional support. Whatever your situation, please know that you can overcome sex addiction. For some people the road to recovery is a long and difficult one – but it’s one that is more than worth the effort. So why not start today?

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Before you can download the Kick Start Recovery Programme you’ll need to complete this totally anonymous and brief questionnaire below. This will help me to gain a better understanding of the problem of sex addiction. I would also like to ask you to spend 5 minutes at the end of the programme to let me know if the programme was useful. Again, let me stress that this is completely anonymous and is there to help me continue to improve this resource.

Please complete this brief 10 question survey before starting the programme:

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